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We offer professional office management and business consulting, guaranteeing complete confidentiality and individual approach to each client.

We provide comprehensive legal, accounting, secretarial and administrative services to foster the growth and create the image of a reliable partner for your company. We ensure representation of European Union and third-country entities, as well as private individuals’ successful co-operation with public institutions. According to the Commercial Law, SIA “Baumane & Partners” guarantees that a given legal person can be reached at its legal address and is available for prompt communication with government authorities and business partners.


About the company

We specialize in the following

  • Legal advice and services
  • Accounting services and consulting
  • Office management and administration
  • Office rent

According to the Commercial Law, a legal person must have a legal address where it can be reached. A legal address is one of a legal entity’s mandatory particulars that are accessible to the public. Pursuant to Section 221 and 223 of the Commercial Law, a legal entity is represented by its board of directors, which means that these persons, too, should be reached at the legal address, especially in communication with government authorities.